Thursday, October 28, 2010

Small visitors

I have trained my nephew, when he enters the shed, to proclaim: "wow, it's big in here!" 

It is inexplicably satisfying to remove the forms from around a concrete pour. It turned out great! And now it's a great work bench while construction continues:

 I am really starting to like the aesthetic of tar paper and firring strips. The contrast is great, and there is something very transparent about it. I am almost questioning whether the cob + earthen plaster will look as good when it's done...

 Little by little, I've been nailing metal fencing to the sides of the building, spaced about an inch away from the wall. This is the framework onto which the cob will hold.

 There are a lot of custom cuts to make it fit right...

Here is a void that I want to fill with cob, as an extension of the wall - for more oven protection.

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