Saturday, October 23, 2010

Plaster Progress

What an afternoon at Eno Commons!

I was sitting in the sun, drinking a beverage, just looking at the house, soaking it all in. And my eye swam over to this one particular rock in the foundation that I really like. Can you guess? It's the one second from the top in the middle, that hangs its little tail flap over the rock below it. Ahhh, the little details....

Throwing up a rough plaster over the strawbales, which will dry and crack and provide a more stable layer for the final plaster on Sunday.

Mia closing the door for this photo. It's neat how you can see the shape of the strawbales through our plaster. This was about 10 minutes after we finished plastering. The bales steal the water from that plaster really quickly!

It's amazing how many trees surround the house in such close proximity. These four trunks are less than a foot away from the roof perimeter, and there are plenty more on the other three sides of the cottage. There is one in the front of the house that is within 2 mm of the roof fascia boards. This is something you'd be hard-pressed to find at a conventional building site. These dozens of trees would have been felled long ago.

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