Thursday, February 3, 2011


In order to get a building permit for PHASE II of the house (the cob/strawbale/post-and-beam phase), I will need to submit my plans to an professional engineer so that he can consider whether it is structurally sound and - when he deems it so - can imprint his stamp of approval onto my design.

For the past week, I have been home-bound, due to a finger injury incurred by a Japanese pull-saw. It cuts very smoothly on the pull stroke. Right through the wood, and then quite a bit past it, I discovered (see photo at bottom). My time away from the work site has given me a chance to work on my plans for the engineer. I expect that the four main components that I will be justifying to him will be:

1. post-and-beam framing

2. rubble trench foundation (a concept that is thousands of years proven, popularized in the states by Frank Lloyd Wright)

3. strawbale infill walls (as insulation)

4. green/living roof design

Last night I was playing around with the layout for the post-and-beam framework. It's important to understand that I have not represented the ground in this model. The man is not floating on a deck, he is standing on a brick entrance porch (equal to ground level):

I especially love the view from the bottom, like looking at an insect from underneath and realizing how delicate the structure supporting its exoskeleton is.

The underbelly shots:

And the finger:

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