Saturday, February 12, 2011

Revised Floor Plan

Through a design conference with my parents, it was decided that switching the kitchen and office spaces might be an improvement so that the office (where my parents quite a bit of time) could be very near to the house's heat source (the gas stove). In playing around with this, I happily came upon countless other reasons to make the switch:

1. Kitchen will get morning sun through the horizontal line of windows between the two roof lines
2. The office is a great "through" space (like a hallway), and it's more efficient to have through-spaces in the middle of the house, versus around the perimeter
3. The kitchen will feel like a destination, not a through space
4. The exterior door from the office will now be a more central exit into the backyard, and can lead on to a deck tucked neatly between the kitchen and bed cubby
5. The office, where my parents spend most time, will be in the physical center of the most popular places for my parents to be during the day (the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and backyard)

Here's the new roof line (I wanted to keep the kitchen ceiling pretty high to make it feel spacious - it's about a 12-foot ceiling):

Below is the revised floor plan: 

Following are 4 mini-plans that detail certain types of spaces within the floor plan:

And here is some updated work in regards to the post-and-beam framing design:

Happy Birthday DAD!

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  1. Wow Greg, these are some GORGEOUS plans. Whew.

    Miss you!

    Mike D F