Sunday, February 27, 2011

Retaining Wall, Revealed.

Here's the footing, peering at it from the East. The little blue foam caps are stuck on the rebar so that people are aware of them and don't accidentally trip/fall.

This is a beautiful sink that was about to be thrown in the dumpster next door. I also collected two stainless steel sinks, but this one is a very heavy ceramic (or cast iron with enamel?), in great condition!

I have hired Dylan to move "urbanite" (broken up chunks of concrete) to my site from down the street. They just recently jackhammered down a 4-foot-high retaining wall two houses down, and so there are a couple big piles of concrete chunks. I'm hoping to make a short, dry-stack retaining wall with this material somewhere in the backyard.

And here's the form beginning to come off of the retaining wall:

This is a spot at which concrete leaked up from the wall's footing, up from behind the form. When I saw this concrete spilling out during the pour, my immediate thought was that the wall had blown out somewhere, and my brain was scrambled to pieces for 10 seconds until I realized that it wasn't a form-break (and consequently not a huge problem).

This is the cavity in which the stairs will eventually go:

A look from down the sidewalk:

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