Sunday, August 4, 2013

blue blue blue!

The cottage "makeover" is almost complete, aside from deciding on what to do with the floor (tile, I'm guessing). The client chose a Sky Blue pigment for the interior lime milk paint, and it ended up changing the look and feel of the place quite a bit! I must say I miss the earth tones, and would prefer a yellow or reddish pigment if it were my own building, but it has been neat to see this building that I know so well transformed and vaulted into its next stage of life (I hope that in 10 years I can re-visit the site, and do another week of maintenance).

I'm am quite pleased with how the exterior maintenance turned out. I think the cottage looks great in white:

A creature!

The interior stonework around the woodstove had looked shabby ever since we finished the building - the stones never got properly cleaned off, and they ended up getting grouted with a clay mixture to seal up cracks during the winter... they just weren't looking very grand, as they had when they were originally stacked. So they got cleaned up, the grout lines were painted with the milk paint to cut down the dustiness, and then the whole area was sealed with a stone sealer. Now they look fresher and have a more deep, saturated look. A satisfying update!

I finally installed a desk, after 4 years of needing to - I didn't get any good shots because of how harsh the light was at the time of day that I had my camera out. 

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