Monday, March 19, 2012

Roof Work

The roof system on this building is really coming together. I love the play between the three major breaks in the roof line. The roundwood/shingled roof system over the entrance to the building came out unexpectedly well (considering that we mostly forgot about it until the building had already taken shape).

I will wholeheartedly admit that below is the strangest angle at which to view the roof. It looks broken in an odd way. But an awkwardly charming way, perhaps? It was an experiment.


  1. A round roof looks absolutely fantastic, Greg! :) The house is a little similar to those houses I see on fairytale books. LOL! Seriously! Children would definitely love to live there.

    Randell Jeffries

  2. The design of this building is pretty unique, particularly the roof and the wall parts. But don’t you think the extension roof is quite thin? It could be easily blown by a storm if you will not make the framing and foundation sturdier. -Francisco Close