Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jeremy's Vanity

Jeremy has been working in a woodshop much of the past week, with the beginnings of a fantastic bathroom vanity to show for it. The wood is ash. The joinery is a combination of mortise-and-tenon and dovetails (you can see the dovetails marked out in the first photo below). The vanity will have a large cabinet door on the left side, and four smaller drawers on the right (two deep and two shallow). I am planning to wheel-throw a ceramic bowl that will sit on top of the vanity as the sink (or hire a local potter to throw one if I fail). Jeremy has not decided on how the wood will be finished, but it is likely that he will stain it or use some technique/material to make it darker. A dark vanity next to a bright toilet.

I am hoping that Jeremy will be making the next post about his work. I can't go into any interesting detail and/or woodworker lingo, like he'll be able to do. The shop is a good ways away from the building site, so Jeremy is now commuting and gone for full days. These photos are the first I've seen of the work, and it's really impressive to look at!


  1. gentlemen, work towards the CO. first, we rough in. then we insulate. then we put up our wall plaster (or whatever natural concoction you are dreaming of). then we trim-out. then, so we can move in, we work towards issuance of a CO. CO. CO. CO. went the bird as he flew over the cob house.

  2. Does this woodshop have a planer? I'd like to salvage all the wood lath from a project, plane it down, and glue it together to make a butcher block type material. Is that something Jeremy might be interested in helping me out with? I'd be willing to tade or pay for some help.

    This is a video of what I'm hoping to do.