Thursday, November 17, 2011

Non-Building Life

Included in my non-building life is, of course, building. Danielle, Leo, and I went to a fundraising event at Circle Acres a couple Saturdays ago. Here, Mike and I are helping our friend Gray apply a mixture of "daub" to the chicken wire "wattle" on the house he's building (if you're curious, research "wattle-and-daub" and you'll find a lot of cool stuff). Gray came back to Durham the following weekend to take a big part in painting the house here. He was a professional painter at one point of his life.

This is for Jeremy more than anyone else. Sweet potatoes from the little neglected garden back behind the house! I still haven't harvested them all. They were delicious. I wish you could have enjoyed a taste, Jeremy.

Family! Here's a good capture of how pensive Leo can be:

We got quite a show of color this past weekend, especially from this one Japanese Maple behind our cottage:

Danielle with her new baby-wearing wrap. We've tried a couple different wraps so far, and this is by far her favorite because it allows her to put Leo on her back! So she can start doing things again :)

Leo didn't want to hold still for this one, but you can sort of make out that he's sporting his "born at home" shirt that the midwives left for him.

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