Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inside Stuff

I am so far behind in my posts (due to a current shortage of both time and internet access) that there is just no catching up in a proper manner. Instead, here is a bunch of everything:

The bathroom gets closer and closer to being finished.... The vanity light is in. Below it, the two horizontal pieces of wood are simply for attaching the mirror that Jeremy is going to build in Philadelphia, and bring down here.

The piece of plywood below the mirror zone is the first step in preparations for a tile backsplash for the vanity.

Tomato red tile! After the tile is grouted, then the last major step in completing the bathroom is to trowel a finish plaster onto all of the walls.

Here is the oven vent hood, with a cob-inspired cookbook shelf above it. The shelf will be made of a nice piece of finished red oak plywood, and the sides will be plastered with whatever finish coat the walls receive.

Today, we started to prepare the countertops for the tile job in the kitchen. There will be an in-your-face yellow (mustard) backsplash, and inoffensive tan counter tiles.

A layer of "thin-set" mortar goes on top of the plywood to start things off...

Concrete backerboard is then screwed on over this bed of thin-set. Soon there will be another layer of thin-set, into which the tile will be placed.

Mike was working on the bay sink area, getting it up to the proper height for tile:

And some random interior shots...

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