Thursday, November 17, 2011

A new roof, some new color.

It was a drizzly, wet day today, and we were able to use the newly-dry deck as our power tool zone - what a luxury!


  1. I thought the white siding was nice looking but I really like the red. The deck is a great addition.

  2. Yeah, the semi-clear ceiling for that deck looks very nice. It provides a nice perspective of the sky above, don't you think? Well, the rest of the place is looking great as well. The red is quite fine, and the whole place is shaping up into something good, roof and all.

    - Rodney Orton -

  3. Wow! You guys did a great job with the roof and the entire structure. I love the color red as it made the structure look warmer and more distinctive. By the way, I noticed there are trees surrounding your home. Better clean your roof regularly to avoid leaves and debris from accumulating in your roof.

    Max Boughner

  4. Excellent transformation! You guys did a great job! For how many days did it take to finish your task? You made a pretty good decision to use red for your house and white for your roof. They make for a pretty combination. And it’s easy to see why since white color is a very versatile color - it can blend well with any other color. On the other hand, red lends a warmer and more distinctive ambiance.

    Chantay Smithingell