Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Perspectives

I spent yesterday adding a second layer of OSB roof sheathing on top of the first (so now it's 7/8", which feels a lot stiffer than 7/16"). I proceeded then to install a 1" layer of pink rigid foam over the whole thing. This will act as an full-coverage insulation layer (each rafter represents a thermal bridge for heat to leave and cool to enter; insulating only between rafters thus is not as efficient as having a continuous layer), and is also acting right now as a water-impermeable membrane. There was a huge storm last night, and it's back at it again this morning, so I'm glad that I had enough time to put up the foam before it all started. All of the seams between sheets of foam are taped with Tyvek tape, so no water should be able to get into the house from above. I need to get some more detailed photos of things I did during this whole process...

I also was able to build the little roof over the bay window, as you can see below (with the same double-OSB + foam layers). There are still 4 more rafters to put up (to create the overhang I want on each side of each section of the roof). And then it's time to install the metal roofing!

Below are some photos from new perspectives:

1. Mrs. Leathers' driveway (my next door neighbor)

2. Back of the lot (where the garden will be)

3. The backyard of Ken's yellow house (the foreground of the photo being his pile of refuse waiting for a dumpster to arrive)

4. And to really humble the house.... the Down-the-street-view

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