Sunday, April 17, 2011

Garden!, and some windows to see it through.

I installed the "bay window" in the kitchen yesterday:

Today, I decided to take a break from the house, and beautify the backyard a little bit. Clearly it's a stretch to call any of this a "garden," but it's a start. I'd like to get soil as soon as possible, and then plant some collard greens, radishes, arugula, lettuces, and beets (and sunflowers).

I experimented with ways to make raised beds. My first attempt is with the piles of limbs I had lying around. Despite the gaps between everything, and the looseness of it all, I feel like it will hold soil fine - we'll see...

I had fun working with urbanite (a clever name for urban concrete waste), and old bricks that I had collected from a neighbor's building project long ago.

I've been holding on to these really weird pallets for a while now. I picked them up free when I got the free doors. They turned very quickly from a pile of pallets into a compost bin (which still needs slats in the front, clearly).


  1. You could drill holes in the three sides of the composter to allow air circulation, but I don't know if that is necessary.

  2. With the windows in, I can already imagine how the house looks like. It’s a good thing that you installed bigger windows for your humble abode. That will certainly provide enough lighting for the entire house.
    Joann Winton @ AJC Roofing