Thursday, January 26, 2012

Roof System

Mixing up the first batch of cob! We have been blessed with very cob-appropriate soil. We are not adding any sand at all (because the soil already has enough), which means we can just mix straw into the excavated soil and throw it on the wall. It is the easiest cob I have ever made. Mixing batches takes less than half the time than it has at other sites.

"No more photos, mother!"

The whole reason that I integrated a north and south stud-wall into the design is to be able to get the roof up at the beginning. This way, we can have a building that is protected from rain as it is built up. It is already coming in handy; tonight the forecast is rain, and we were able to store a whole bunch of lumber and tools under the tarped rafters, safe from raindrops.

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