Friday, January 20, 2012

One man's trash...

Here's the hill from which we rescued all of our masonry materials for our foundation stem-wall (ironically located right across from Home Depot):

Just recently (a couple months ago), a building burned down here. The clean-up crew just left all the rubble and trash in big piles on the hill. Eventually, it might be taken to the landfill, or just overgrown. But we carefully picked through it and got 15 truckloads of rock/concrete/brick. There is plenty more, but we think we have enough for the project.

Lots of material!

You can see in the photo below how most of the materials looks like stone, even though almost all of it is concrete. Anatoly, our client, often comes out to check our work and ask questions:

Leo studying masonry techniques:

And doing yoga:


Another day of work, and the stem-wall will be complete!

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