Friday, January 29, 2010

Garden Wall Update

Writing is a lost art, and why shouldn't it be? Enjoy some film shorts.

Since the video was captured, I have removed all of the cob from the wall, and piled it upon tarps to use later. It's still good stuff. During the deconstruction process, I uncovered numerous chunks of material that had remained dry inside the wall, and they were hard as rock.

Today, I built up certain sections of the foundation with more block. This is not because my cob ambition has been shattered and replaced with a love of conventional masonry, but instead because the ground levels have shifted since I was last here (Doug and Elaine have been doing a lot of earth-moving and fence-building lately). I want to ensure that the cob will be high enough off of the ground to avoid getting hit by splash back from rain.

The current plan is to next build a wooden support system for the roof that is connected securely into the block foundation. After this roof is built, I will get back to cobbing. The cob will fill in the entire void between the foundation and roof, burying the wooden support structure for the roof deep within its core. The reason for building the roof before the wall is twofold: 1. it will protect the cob from any rain as it is being built, and 2. it will result in a very secure connection between the wall and its roof.

Photos to come.

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