Friday, July 19, 2013


I went out to the land yesterday to meet with the septic system contractor, and figured I'd throw up another little building that I've been dreaming about. It's just a simple lean-to at the end of the driveway. It will function as a dry spot to use tools in if it's raining, during the framing process of the house. And once the house is complete, it will be a spot to store a wheelbarrow (for getting groceries from the car to the house), stroller, bikes, extra firewood, and other such things.

There seems to be quite a bit of fallen cedar in the woods, ready for harvesting! Cutting through a cedar log is one of the prettiest, and best-smelling parts of country carpentry.

Tulip poplar from the forest.

didn't quite finish with the metal roof before the day ended...


Today I built another little roof, this one here at the Carlton Project. The back entrance will be a lot dryer during a rainfall.

posts in place

fancy rafter tails

oops, I forgot to trim my rafters properly and they ended up the same length as the metal (and the metal needs to overhang on each end). So I had to trim off 4 inches after they were already up, and then re-prime and paint.

Here's what the front of the addition looks like:

I framed a built-in gutter with wood, and then wrapped the hanging EPDM over this frame to create the gutter:

Here is the detail where my home-made gutter meets the store-bought downspout (it looks ugly from this view, from you don't ever see this view unless you're on a ladder or the roof):

finished all the soffit and vent details:

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