Monday, February 20, 2012

Babies, Rafters, Niches, Stoves.

I took Leo for a while on the worksite the other day, giving Danielle a chance to sculpt some niches into the cob wall (one of her favorite cob activities):


Eventually I put Leo on my back in our Ergo carrier, and he ended up falling asleep as I was working on the building (after lots of smiling as seen below)!

Anatoly and his daughter Leta down in the MUD PIT, harvesting cob clay:

Doing some rafter work on the west side of the building:

We used salvaged concrete blocks to lay out a quick foundation for what will be a rocket-stove-heated bench, and then began cobbing on top of it, building our "thermal battery." (Check out more on rocket stoves here - this is a rocket-stove-heated bed design, and you can see plenty of other designs by typing in "rocket stove mass heater" on Google).

You can also see Danielle's finished niches in this shot:

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