Thursday, May 27, 2010

Endless Cob Days

As promised to a friend, some shots from as-above-as-I-can-get:

Concentration near the top of the column, working towards a peak stone...


Eric works the exterior column with a sheepish grin.

Finding his peak stone.

To give you a sense of scale:

Mia has been helping with the project, and is one of the shamans who will be using the space for spiritual healing when it's finished!

A perspective up the column from "sitting at the desk."

The same column.

These are the things ("cobber's thumbs," or "sticks") that make all of the holes in the walls.

The arch beaks spiraling towards one another.

The arch-in-progress in all of its sinewy glory.

The four arched windows of the East (to be sculpted further, in good time).

We had two participants for our latest weekend workshop. Low numbers, but... from the Virgin Islands! Distance points. Shanna and Justine:

Posing with their "kill," a finished burrito of cob.

Here are the dry ingredients, ready to be rolled into a more homogeneous state on the tarp.

Shanna, rolling.

And dancing.

The integrity of the mix becomes obvious when it rolls into a "burrito." Shanna seems to be yelling at Eric.

Not everything is smooth on a natural building site. Tuesday was a frustrating day, during which Eric and I took a few steps backwards. The window header in the above photo has settled too much on one side, and so I had to attempt a repair. I dug out cob with a machete, and was able to lift the header enough to slide a couple rocks under the end to even it back out.

To relieve some of Tuesday's stress, Eric and I enjoyed a mellow niche-sculpting session:

I obtained the scaffolding from Pickards Mountain; it has been useful for doing balecob. In the corner, you'll notice the final two bales with their heads above cob. They have since been covered.

Finally up to roof height on the south wall! And we're getting there elsewhere. Any day now...


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  2. Hi there!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I've been in love with cob building ever since I saw the first picture of a cob house. It is my dream to build one (and live in it ;-) for myself one day.

    Keep up the great work!!

  3. what did you do to re-enforce your stone column? I love the progress and am looking to start learning and building myself with the children that I teach at my school.